Our Services

What do we offer?

Quality legal assistance by duly qualified lawyers and advocates;

Legal advice no matter what the problem is;

Professional support in cases involving crimes against women and children;

Legal assistance with the drafting of wills and administration of estates;

Legal assistance with Road Accident Fund claims;

Legal assistance with claims involving medical negligence;

Legal assistance with claims against the State and Government agencies (Such as Police, Traffic police etc.)

Legal assistance with repudiated insurance claims.

In addition to the above

we also offer CASH ADVANCES in cases based on medical negligence and cases against the State or Government agencies! We have identified the lack of financial recourses as one of the biggest obstacles preventing people to pursue successful claims. We are all aware that the prolonging of cases in order to build up legal bills is not only harmful to our legal system, but is also having disastrous consequences for people pursuing legal action.

Our hands

on monitoring of all cases ensure expediting finalization of cases with favourable results! Having CASH in the bank makes it even less strenuous! Our unique and world first Invicta product is also a great addition for Insurance brokers to add to their product offering to refine client portfolios and in so doing ensure client satisfaction and retention.

All our services are underpinned by integrity and constant service level appraisals to ensure the best service possible!