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The Invicta product is unique and brand new! As in all cases, we want to you understand and share the intrinsic value of this product.


The answer to this question goes to the very root of the concept and the answer to the question unveils the very reason why this product was developed. We all have rights.

However, without the “tools”, to either protect or enforce your rights, it is of no value. Many people simply do not have adequate resources to access lawyers. Access to our legal system, which is the most important pillar of society, is a basic right and THE ONLY protection we as citizens have to guard against corruption, abuse of power and the infringement on our rights.

We are all aware of the flawed legal system, to which unscrupulous lawyers are making a huge contribution and the decay of basic law enforcement by State agencies.

Private healthcare is not to be excluded. In this instance, private hospital groups are all lawyered up, which makes it almost impossible for people to institute action against these institutions.